Tracy Becker
Assistant Professor

Dr. Becker has significant experience in the field of structural control technologies, especially isolation. Her work includes: modeling and characterization testing of friction pendulum bearings, low cost isolation retrofit schemes, high-rise isolation, and hybrid testing of midlevel isolation among other topics.

Dr. Becker started at UC Berkeley in January 2019. She was previously an assistant professor at McMaster University (Canada) which she joined after spending a year and a half as a JSPS postdoctorate fellow at the Distaster Prevention Research Institute at Kyoto University. She received her PhD and MS degrees at UC Berkeley and her BS degree at UC San Diego. Dr. Becker is registered as a Professional Engineer in Ontario.

Ahmed Abdelmaksoud.JPG
Ahmed Abdelmasouk

3rd year PhD student - McMaster University

Ahmed is co-supervised by Dr. George Balomenos. He earned his B.Sc. degree and M.Sc from Cairo University in Egypt in 2014. His master’s research was in the evaluation of the response modification factor of high rise RC structures with dual systems. His research interests includes earthquake engineering and design and analysis of RC structures.

Camila Lopez Ruiz

2nd year PhD student 

Camila obtained her B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University at Buffalo, SUNY in 2018. She was part of the 2018-2019 UC Berkeley SEMM program and is staying at Berkeley to pursue a PhD focusing on mechanical behavior of isolation bearings for bridges and hybrid simulation. Camila enjoys actively participating and organizing educational outreach activities.

Huy Pham

MS/PhD student 

Huy received his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His undergraduate research focused on optimization and design of ducted marine turbines. His current general research interests are earthquake engineering, and numerical modeling, and structure performance under extreme loading events.

Ya-Heng Yang

1st year PhD student 

Ya-Heng received his MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University. His MS research focused on the influence of pulse-like ground motions on the behavior and design of friction pendulum bearing systems. His current research at UC Berkeley is on the collapse performance of different isolation systems.

Logan Hall

Undergraduate student researcher

Logan is an undergraduate in his junior year from Santa Barbara, California. He is pursuing his bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include bridge design, seismic engineering, and control systems.

Past Members

Yu Bao

PhD - McMaster University, finished December 2017

Yu's PhD focused on the performance of friction sliding devices under extreme events. His general research interests include earthquake engineering, numerical modeling, structural dynamics, and seismic protection devices. Yu is now an assistant professor at Wuhan University of Technology.

Yanqing Xu

visiting PhD student - Southeast University (China)

Yanqing is working on the optimization of TFP bearings under multiple hazard levels and types. He stayed with us for 1 year at McMaster University and has now returned to his home university.

Richard Darlington

MASc - McMaster University, finished December 2019

Richard worked on the behavior of column-top isolation systems. He is now working at RJC in Toronto.

Josh Hoekstra

MASc - McMaster University, finished April 2020

Josh worked on fluid-structure interaction in isolated nuclear power plants.

Mohammadreza Najafi

MASc - McMaster University, finished May 2019

Mohammadreza was co-supervised by Dr. Dimitri Konstantinidis. He investigated benefits of adaptive vertical isolation systems for equipment under seismic loading. 

Hossein Mohammadi

MASc - McMaster University, finished December 2018

Hossein looked at using material level architecture through heat treatment to designing steel components focusing on creating more ductile gusset plates for concentrically braced frames. He is now working at Krahn Group of Companies.

Bryanna Noade

MASc - McMaster University, finished August 2018

Bryanna's thesis focused on lifetime demands on bridge bearings. Bryanna recieved an NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarship as well as ACI Scholarship for her research. She is currently working at Harbourside Engineering Consultants.

Adrian Crowder

MASc - McMaster University, finished June 2016

Adrian worked on the effects of substructure flexibility on seismic isolation systems, for which he won 2nd place in the Student Paper Competition at the 2016 CSCE Conference. Adrian also acted as a graduate student adviser for the McMaster Seismic Design Team. Adrian is now working at Bryson Markulin Zickmantel Structural Engineers.

Ashkan Ezazi

MASc - McMaster University, finished July 2015

Ashkan's research was a numerical study on an innovative isolation system called dual isolation, in which two layers of isolation at the base and mid-story are used for enhanced seismic protection of buildings. Ashkan is now working at exp Services Inc.

Xiaoyang Ji

MEng - McMaster University, finished Sept 2017

Andrew Dittrick

MEng - McMaster University, finished Dec 2016

Currently working at HATCH.

Griffin Dow

Undergraduate student - McMaster University, finished 2017

Griffin worked with Yu Bao in the lab to study the performance of friction sliding devices under extreme events, especially helping with the sensor and data acquisition portion of the setup. Griffin is now working at Bryson Markulin Zickmantel Structural Engineers in Vancouver.


Mayank Batra

Summer undergraduate student - McMaster University, 2016


Mayank spent summer 2016 in our lab through the Mitacs Globalink Program, working on earthquake motion selection and OpenSees modeling of column-top isolation systems. Mayank went on to his masters at UC Berkeley and is now at Buehler Engineering Inc. 

Jacquelyn Spadzinski

Summer undergraduate student - McMaster University, 2017

Jacquelyn is a part of the mechanical engineering department. She hopes to pursue a career in aerospace engineering after completing her degree. 

As a recipient of the Summer Research Award, she worked with Bryanna Noade on research in structural health monitoring of elastomeric bridge bearings.